TWB Fan Art!
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Yeah, it took a while, but we finally, after all these years, have a Fan Art Page!
I've had some of these sitting around for a very long time, and in several cases, have forgotten who drew them.
If your art is here, and you'd like credit, just let me know and I'll update it. If you have art you'd like to show off, let me know that too.
If your art is here and you'd like it taken down, just ask! From here on out, newest submissions will be at the top.

Radar, by Rae Bruner
of Recursion!

[NSFW] Sandy,
by Delisle!

Pirta cat-napping,
by Drew!

Miki and Chase
Miki and Chase meet
some awful people,
by Alan Foreman!

Miki and Chase
Miki and Chase get
somewhat more friendly
with those awful people,
also by Al!

Sandy, pencilled by Doc
and inked by Drew!

Pirta in a ZPD Uniform,
by JozsefC!

[NSFW] Pirta, in
no uniform at all,
by Dunbarrio!

Pirta, by Tintic!
Ladies of Legend
Doc imagines the
Ladies of Legend!
(Long before they
were so named.)
Artist unknown.

Pirta in a
ZPD uniform again!

Pirta by Nateblue!
Ladies of Legend
An early CGI of
Team Bikini
by Lionking CMSL!

Doc apparently forgets
to wear pants, by Bellic Bear!

Doc, by Kathy Kellogg,
using HeroForge!
(and a close-up.)
Cara, by Kathy Kellogg,
also with HeroForge!


All artwork Copyright their individual creators. All Rights Reserved.
All characters Copyright Doc's Machine & Airsmith Services, and The Whiteboard Industrial Studios. All rights reserved.
Last Updated, February 14th, 2021