Whiteboard Books are Back!
The Official Mid-Holiday Season of 2021 TWB Book Sale!

Owing to ongoing issues with how my usual Storenvy store (mis)handles shipping
costs, for this sale we've dusted off this dirt-simple PayPal store featuringa limited
set of the most popular options. If you want any combination not seen here
feel free to Email me and I'll get'cha taken care of! All books are in stock!

Hot, fresh books!

On the downside, as you might expect, the prices of... well, just about everything
have gone up. Paper, binding materials, especially toner, and of course shipping.

On the upside, we can fit two books into a Flat Rate Envelope and get it to
anywhere in the US for just $9. And a similar Envelope can go First Class
to nearly anywhere else, for around $17.

2 books, Priority Mail
November's Newest Books!

Coffee Zombies and Unhinged, the latest goodness from the madness that is TWB.

Two books fit neatly into a Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope and we can get them to you anywhere in the US for just $39.00!

2 books, First Class
November's Newest Books, to anywhere outside the US!

Those same two books can go in a similar First Class envelope, and be whisked away to nearly any part of the Globe for just $47.00USD!

2 Books, sketched, Priority Mail
November's Newest, Sketched!

The Fanboy Special!©

Same as above, but predefaced by yours truly and his own three hands, with an inked sketch of the character of your choice, in the back. All for just $59.00!

2 books, sketched, First Class
November's Newest, Sketched and shipped outside the US!

Same as above, but with your books predefaced with a sketch of any TWB character in the back! Just $67.00!

Again, if you'd like any of the back issues, in any combination, sketched or unsketched, or even sent
anoymously to a friend, just E-mail me with your particulars and I'll take it from there!

All Current TWB Books:

#1: Digitally Remastered
#2: Untapped Potential
#3: Hit It Again!
#4: Target-Rich Environment
#5: You Only Ref Twice
#6: Blarg!
#7: Crash and Burn
#8: Justifiable Carnage!
#9: Paradox
#10 Furiously Colored
#11: Overdraft
#12: Out Of Order

The Longest Day Series:
#13: Unfair Advantage
#14: Showdown!
#15: Endgame
#16 Hot-Wing Night

#17: Daybreak
#18: Full-Contact Parcheesi
#19: Attack of the Atomic Robots
#20:  Strange Things
#21: Coffee Zombies
#22: Unhinged

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