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The Cast and Crew of Team Critter

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Doc (Ursus Maritimus)
The boss. The big bruin. The head honcho. King of the ice floe.
Owns and operates Doc's Shop, basically just as a dodge to get to play with wild toys and build cool gadgets. Has an affinity for caffeinated beverages, big wooden mallets and Autocockers.
Can hear a leaky 4-way or maladjusted ram snap-ring at forty meters,and carries around vertical mills like other people carry a "Leatherman".
Roger (Procyon Lotor)
Computer geek, programmer and electronic transmogrifier. Often the voice of reason when new projects are contemplated, but occasionally the one wondering aloud where they can get some Thorium and a couple particle accellerators. Has been known to troubleshoot electropneumatic softwareover the 'phone, on the field, and under fire.
Swamp Fox (Vulpes vulpes kenaiensis)
Your typical laid-back rec player, Swampy is good but not great, and thinks a 'Mag is plenty "high tech" for him. A regular hangout at the Shop and frequent bystander when a new gadget gets tested, he's usually the first one to call the fire department. Doesn't mind helping sweep up the debris.
Bandit (Mustela furo)
Skinny and fast, he's out on the field just for fun. Plays pump and stock, even in tournaments, and can't understand why somebody might need five 9-volts and a thousand paintballs for a single game. Can hide behind small twigs and uses Sup'Air inflation tubes like other players use the "Snake".
Owns only one marker, and knows how to use it.
Snowshoe (Lynx canadensis)
More of a tourney player, Shoe prefers the fast-paced, paint-flyin'games. He's usually got the newest marker he can afford, but often has to be dissuaded from buying the latest overhyped gadget or trading the old one in 'cause new ones are nickeled. Between game days, he can usually be found at the Shop watching paintball videos or flipping through the latest flyers and catalogs.
Jinx (Alopex lagopus)
Jimmy's the new kid in town, and new to the sport as well.
Strangely enough, not everyone thinks that exposure to the regular Crew is necessarily a 'bad' thing. That remains to be seen.
Rainman (Lepus americanus)
Semiserious tourney wannabe, though he spends more time practicing his 'trash talk' than his snapshots. A decent player, but worries more about appearing a professional player than actually being a pro. Yes, he knows he has a famous profile.
Red (Vulpes vulpes alascensis)
Owns the local Paintball Field, and runs it with the help of the Crew and various volunteers. Genuinely wants the customers to have fun, but won't put up with kids who want to "bend" the rules or can't learn to play safely.
Jake (Mephitis mephitis)
Laid back and easygoing... at least 'til he gets on the field, where he's confident and agressive. Few players will risk bunkering him after seeing what happened when Bandit got the drop on him during a woodsball game.
Bruno (Ursus Arctos)
Bruno's a bit older than the usual crowd, a little slower and not able to tuck or hide quite as well... But he makes it up in spades by being a devious, methodical and downright sneaky bastard. A fan of old pumps, he sometimes uses a semiauto just so he's not quite as sore in the morning.
Sandy (Vulpes vulpes)
The new office girl. Starting out as an accidental hire after a party, she managed to put Doc's paperwork in some semblance of order, which came as a surprise to everyone since even disaster-recovery specialists said that would require heavy machinery, high explosives and UN approval.
Knew absolutely nothing about the sport when she first arrived, but she's learning.
Tawny (Lynx rufus)
Snowshoe's girlfriend. Shoey won't admit it, but if she wasn't keeping his gear cleaned and fixed, he'd never make it to the starting gate in time.
He also won't admit she's a better player, and she'll let him win.
Pirta (Uncia uncia)
Waitress at the Chinese-takeout place down the street,
Pirta only knew of the shop antics from what the EMTs and firemen
told her when they'd come in after another call.
That is, until she found out an old friend worked there...

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