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The Sketchbook

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The repository for miscellaneous artwork I have felt compelled, for whatever reason, to upload and show off. Some of it has nothing to do with the comic, some of it is just sketches or studies of TWB characters, a few are bits that were posted to be attached to a particular strip, and I linked it here so that you don't have to search through the Archives to find it.
There will be no scheduled update here, something gets added pretty much whenever I feel like it. 

Guest Strips: Occasionally, if they ask nice, I've done guest strips for other comics. Fan Art: Sometimes, if the inspiration strikes, I'll do some fan art for other strips:

Added October 27th, '05:

Added November 5th, '03:

Two cool ones here.
I got a WACOM pressure-sensitive graphics tablet for just after Thanksgiving '02, and I've been playing around with some of it's capabilities. These two are pure sketch- just scribbles 'til something looked right. The tablet's pen is a cool interface, just flip it over and the system automatically switches to the "eraser" application, just like a real pencil. So there was some adjusting and I erased a few totally-wrong lines, but all told, both sketches only took ten or twenty minutes each.

They look precisely like scanned copies of my "real" pencil drawings, for which I'm suitably amazed. The logo at the top of this page is similarly rough-sketched. I'm not yet ready to do an all-digital comic, but it's been handy for things like shading and coloring. Without further ado:

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